Dressing up for Autumn doesn’t have to be an ordeal. All it takes is an eye for colour combinations and the right apparel to make effective style statements throughout the season. Looking good and feeling even better is the key. Make doubly sure that all the clothes you have in your fall wardrobe will keep you warm without restricting your body movements. A sweater or a knitted pullover that is a tad too tight will annoy you every time you reach out for something. As they are made of wool, a thick fabric you are going to be jumpy throughout the day.

Shop for some core components of popular good looking autumn styles in your wardrobe. The more versatile your apparel are, the more hassle-free it is going to be while getting dressed. We have picked out five versatile and effective styles that will work well in a number of dressing scenarios. Each one of them will give you the right balance between comfort and an effective look:

  • The Outdoors Man: This is a rugged looking ensemble that comprises of thick denim jeans, preferably in a solid colour. You can try it with a wide variety of jackets, but the classic old-school cotton jacket fits the build well. Wear the jacket on top of a plain white t-shirt and good old indigo denim jeans. Complete the look with hiking boots for a rugged look that goes well with the mood of the autumn season.
  • Date Night Outfit: This look has a pleasant urban feel to it. The combination of slim fit denim jeans a shirt and a knitted cardigan worn on top is a brilliant smart casual look that is made for this season. Try on a pair of washed denim jeans, preferably in dark colour tones like black, dark blue or dark grey. Wear the jeans with a casual shirt in light blue burgundy pink or white. Complete the look with a cardigan that accents the colour of your shirt and suede boots. They go well with the colour of your denim jeans, completing this smart look for staple city life.
  • The Rockstar: There are very few apparel options apart from leather jackets that are capable of living up to the word, “Rockstar.” So pick out a biker jacket or a leather bomber jacket, preferably in a dark tone of Brown. Pair it with black slim fit denim jeans, hi-top men’s flat boots and a white crew neck t-shirt. You can wear a knitted jumper on top of your t-shirt to add an extra layer for particularly cold days. The jacket and boots will do most of the talking for you in this look.
  • Smart Casual: An overcoat or a blazer is essential to create a smart casual look for the season. You can choose the blazer for an indoor situation like the office, a meeting at a restaurant or a casual hangout at the pub. Wear a light coloured shirt in shades of blue with dark brown or dark olive green coloured chino pants. Complete this look with dark brown or burgundy colour boots and a belt. You can substitute the blazer in favour of an overcoat if you are going to be outdoors for long.

Make sure to match the colour of your belt and boots for added tidiness to the look and you are all set for the stylish autumn season.