Before starting the process of spray painting your car through DIY, it is very important that you take some car spray painting lessons. The reason why this is stressed right in the first lines is that there are numerous fundamentals to understand to make sure that flawless results are achieved. Regardless of the vehicles, these fundamentals would stay the same and therefore, we have discussed the most important of them here in this post.

Check the Weather

  • First things first that because you are doing it through DIY, this is very obvious that you will not be having a dedicated paint booth.
  • To tackle this, you will have to be very particular about the season and this means that in too much hot and humid condition, you should stop yourself from painting.
  • Actually, painting in these conditions is not an issue, but what matters here is too early drying or late drying of the paint.
  • If it’s too hot, the paint will dry before it reaches the surface and it will end up balling and attaching to the surface, creating an orange peel effect.
  • Therefore, you need to wait for ideal temperature to start applying automotive paint and the ideal temperature as recommended by the experts is between 18 and 25 degrees.

Preparing the Surface

  • According to those offering car spray painting lessons, you should not be too eager to start the process or applying the first coat.
  • This is seen very commonly that people doing it through DIY are very eager to use the spray gun and because of this, they skip several very important points like preparing the base.
  • Yes, base preparation is as important as the correct painting techniques because without it, no matter how expertly you apply the paint, it will of no use at all.
  • Correct base preparation is very essential to make sure that the work you are doing stays successful and you enjoy the results for years to come.
  • Correct preparation would include removing any debris and dust from the surface and then, scrubbing, sanding, primer application, etc.
  • One more thing to be very careful about is that the paint you are using on the vehicle is compatible to the surface you are going to use this paint on.

The First Coat

  • According to the experts offering tips related to paint protection Sydney , the first coat of paint is the most useful and therefore, it has to be applied really seriously.
  • In all the car spray painting lessons you get, you will get most of the tips regarding the application of this first layer and the main topics would be on over-spraying or under-spraying.
  • The reason is that over spraying and under spraying the automotive paint are the two most common problems occurring when DIY painting is conducted.
  • Over-spraying is a more serious problem than under-spraying because the paint will start building up and this means that you will have to start all over again right from the scratch and this means wastage of time, money and efforts.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that the spray gun should be at least 25-30 centimetres away from the base for even outcome.
  • Moreover, you need to use steady and even strokes and slowly spray from side to side for an even coat.