Learning more about the Top Sushi Rolls
In the U.S, you will find thousands of sushi restaurants and more Chinese and Japanese restaurants which serve the delicious dish. For this reason, there is a wide variety of sushi rolls available. The more this Japanese meal is becoming known, the more the sushi restaurants are becoming more creative with their offerings. The following are some of the top sushi rolls that you need to try.
The first one is spider roll that has a spicy and a crunchy taste. It consist of cucumber, tempura, spicy mayonnaise, avocado and soft shell crab which makes it a more delicious dish. For those who would like a to have that crunchy and tempura texture in their dish, a spider roll will simply be the best.
Next is the rainbow roll sushi. You will love the appearance of the colors in the presentation of this roll. The different colors come about wit the use of avocado, raw tuna and salmon slices. You will also find some featuring shrimp and red snapper. The inside is often made of a crab meat and avocado which makes it a healthy dish since it is low in calories.
For avocado lovers caterpillar sushi roll is made just for you. It is called a caterpillar roll due to the layering of several thin avocado rolls around the nori and the rice. There are some chefs who get creative and add eyes and antennae to the roll. In most cases, you will find eel meat in the caterpillar roll, however, in some restaurants, they use seafood and shrimp.
One of the sushi rolls which have become peoples favorite over so many years is the Philadelphia roll. If you love cheese, then you will definitely want to taste this dish. You can find the cheese mixed by cucumber, smoked salmon as well avocado.
The next type of sushi roll is the dragon roll. If you are a fan of caterpillar roll, you may also love this one as it also present the dish in a dragon-like appearance. There is also the Lion king variety of sushi roll that is much satisfying. Its ingredients are the same with those of the California roll but is surrounded by salmon slices and spicy mayo. All these are then baked in the oven until well cooked.
There is another sushi roll made of beef known as surf and turf roll. The beef is mixed with salmon, imitation crab, tuna, carrot and avocado which makes it a unique protein roll. For some varieties, there is always a stake outside the roll. With all these types, it comes much easier to find sushi dish that would suit your taste.